Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sign it, my friend!

Looking for that special touch of humor for your garage, man cave, den, or bachelor kitchen? How about one of our American Woodcrafters nostalgic signs? Colorful "guy" graphics done in distressed shades makes these 6" X 9.5" plaques pop on your wall. All have knotted cords for hanging from nails, coat hooks, cabinet knobs...whatever! Selections include: • Big Daddy's Bike Shop • Pop's Speed Shop • Friends Re-fuel Here There are some nicely sarcastic signs as well: • Let Me Drop Everything and Work on Your Problem • Got Tools? They Better Not Be Mine! Check out our web site for our full selection! Inexpensive way to give your corner a bit of flash!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Promos galore!

The Dog House Garage recently received a large consignment order of promotional 1:24-scale models. Most are Corvettes, but there is also an assortment that includes Vipers, Camaros, Chevy trucks and Suburbans, Tauruses (Tauri?), and a Mustang or two. All are very reasonably priced. Promotional models were originally produced for auto dealers to give out to well-heeled prospective customers. Over the years, these replicas have become a hot collectible commodities. Some are original issues; a few are re-releases. Shoot us an email if you're looking for something in particular.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1, 2, 3... red light!

There's something incredibly cool about using light to decorate a place. It grabs your attention, makes you think something really special is happening. And if you've got an automotive thing going on in your man cave, den, garage, dorm room...what have you... we've got a find for you! Imagine brightening up your place with a traffic signal! Done in satin black with randomly flashing red, amber, and green lights, these traffic-stopping beauties have lenses on three sides. The large 12.25-inch version can be wall-mounted or stood on a shelf. The 8-inch model features a pedestal base but can be mounted on a wall. The Dog House Garage also carries a 10.5-inch "ballet" version done in hot pink with white frosted lenses that have dance-themed art -- in pink, of course. We'll go out on a socially insecure limb in calling this the "girly" variation, perfect for dorm room, dance studio, slumber party, or even for the garage that house the lady-of-the-house's Mustang GT! If you're more of the one-track mind type, why not try our 9" railroad crossing sign which features red and green lights? All of our decorative traffic signals have sturdy plastic construction; all are corded. So shed some light on your happy place with any of these blinking beauties!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When I was a child....

Has Dad or Grandpa ever begun a story with "When I was a child"? You just know what follows is going to be some sort of lesson in self-reliance, hard work, or resourcefulness. I once cut off my mother-in-law after that introductory phrase with the quip, "there were still covered wagons crossing the prairies." Who knew she could hit that hard? But there is something to be said for the creative use of things that past generations were so good at as children. Yeah, there were "store-bought" toys, but there were also a lot of homemade playthings that did the job as well or better. I remember a GI-type figurine attached to a plastic parachute that a buddy had. My brother showed me how to make a similar toy from a handkerchief, string, and a couple of washers. Not only did my version sail better than the commercial one, it also lasted a heck of a lot longer! And there was also the cool sense of satisfaction that I had made it myself. Parents jokingly say that kids often seem to enjoy the big box a toy comes in more than the toy itself, and there's something to be said for that. With some creative input from a youngster or two, a large box can become a fort, a castle, a car, a truck, a spaceship, a robot... you name it. Now, the Makedo company has taken this artistic "box is better" approach to toy-making by releasing its "find & make" series of construction fasteners for kids 5+ years of age. We carry their car kit made to be used with a cardboard box, paper plates and cups, and whatever you may have lying around the house to build a simply marvelous pretend automobile. The kit includes clips, door hinges, a safety saw, and even a series of auto-themed stickers to customize you child's "ride." All fasteners are reusable for other projects... anything your child can dream up: vehicles, sculptures, costumes, buildings! No messy glue, no duct-tape fastening jobs (save that for Dad)! It's wonderfully simple and simply wonderful! So let your kids develop their own set of "When I was a kid" stories! Check out for some photos of Makedo "find & make" creations!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Science + Fun = 4M

Some things are just more fun when you learn them in a hands-on way. Cooking. Sports. Whittling. Shooting soda out your nose. Sex. Science can be fun to learn this way, as well. No, really. You just need the right equipment -- as in all of the aforementioned activities. 4M's "Science in Action" series of kits approaches learning by doing, and the results are wonderfully entertaining. We carry several construction projects that become engaging vehicles when finished, perfect for teens -- or older children supervised by adults. Remember those cool hard-plastic rockets you pumped full of water and air and then launched through the garage window? The Rocket Race Car uses the same principle... without shattering the glass barrier! We also stock the Mousetrap Racer, Electric Dragster, Metal Detector Robot, and Smart Robot. Hey, next stop is an entry in the science fair, and then a college scholarship. And that, we know, is a lot of fun for Mom and Dad!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Impressive accomplishMINT in model-making!

Die-cast collectors know just how incredibly desirable those "mint" quality models can be, but may hesitate to invest quite so much in their hobby. For enthusiasts for whom 1:24 is their chosen scale, there really hasn't been much to bridge the gap between "toy-like" and museum caliber.

Now, however, the Dog House Garage introduces a great line of replicas that approaches the best of the best in detail and precision. If you've ever seen releases from Unique Replicas or Phoenix Mint, you already know what we're talking about!

We currently stock both cars and trucks fro Unique Replica. You Mopar fans will be able to fill in a few holes in your collection with the '70 Plymouth Super Bird in Lemon Twist, and/or the '70 Roadrunner in Moulin Rouge! Bow-Tie lovers can rejoice, too, as we stock the '70 Chevelle SS-454!

Fifties fanatics will find the '57 Chevies and '56 T-Birds simply awesome! We carry the Phoenix Mint Fiftieth Anniversary Edition Bel Air convertible, as well as the truly funky Unique Replicas Nomad ambulance. The UR Little Birds feature removable porthole hardtops; they are available in off-white, black/white, and red/white, as well as a hot rod version with flames.

"Trucksters" will want our UR '35 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery or Canopy Truck. Maybe you'd prefer the '50 Ford dairy Step Van. We also have the '37 Studebaker Hearse, a wonderfully macabre bit automobilia with its included casket and accessories. In fact, all of the aforementioned trucks come with lots of additions for your display. Lastly, we offer the Limited Edition '37 Studebaker Pick-up in Titanium!

Remember, you don't have to spend a mint to find quality diecast. Indulge without the guilt!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The rights of spring

Hey guys,

We all know there are rites of spring (all that cool birds, bees, bulbs awakening stuff). But NONE of that is going to happen to you unless you understand the "rights" of spring. Slide into the "wrongs" and you'll have one lonely season.

One of the "rights" of spring is to respect the fact that women emerge from winter very differently than men do. Men are like grizzly bears waking from winter hibernation. Their thoughts? Scratch what itches, bathroom, food, sex...not necessarily in that order. Women, on the other hand, are more like caterpillars that have wrapped themselves in winter cocoons and are emerging as butterflies! At least, that's the plan. You as the male have to respect the plan; in fact, if you take an active interest in the plan, your own springtime plans are more likely to flourish!

Now, if you actually contribute to your lady's metamorphosis, you will prove just how understanding and sensitive you are. What better way than getting her a new Harvey's seatbelt bag in bright springtime colors? Harvey's seatbelt bags are all the rage with fashionistas... and their tie-in with cars is a bit of a kick for you, the motor maniac. In bright appealing shades such as buttercup, turquoise, and flamingo, Harvey's new springtime seatbelt bags are the perfect complement for little butterflies on the go.

So make sure you're in tune with the rights of spring. You will never regret it!